Aston Knightley

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Sunil Joshi

CEO & Founder


Sunil Joshi s is the CEO of Aston Knightley, the Artificial Intelligence company. With Scaled Composites, the company has developed the HM3 Protocol and Z3 vehicles, based on the X Prize-winning Mercury 1 algorithm. In his role, George is responsible for guiding all aspects of the company to commercial operation at the base in London, UK. This includes oversight of  the company manufacture a fleet of life like hardware robotics.


John Attenborough,

Commercial Director


John Attenborough is the Commercial Director for Aston Knightley, joining the company as its first full time employee in 2007, with responsibility for laying the commercial foundations and framework for the organization, including spearheading ongoing sales, business development, marketing, public relations, licensing, partnerships and customer retention initiatives. John is a regular speaker at numerous industry and other conferences and events on behalf of Aston Knightley.

Marc Reed,

Senior Vice President & General Counsel


Marc Reed is Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Aston Knightley, where he manages the legal, regulatory and compliance issues of Aston Knightley. He joined Aston Knightley in 2007 as its first American employee, and sits on the company’s leadership team. Marc is actively involved in all legal aspects of bringing the business to commercial launch.

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